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Designed for organizations using Google Workspace

Why Drive Password is the right tool for your team?

DrivePassword manager for Google Workspace

Built for Google Workspace

Drive Password is entirely based on Google Drive. It works and feels just like your Google Apps. If your company is already using Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), it will be quick and easy to implement and start protecting all important assets like passwords, codes, bank credentials, and other sensitive information.

Ease of use

The Drive Password interface is intentionally designed in a way to look and feel intuitive to everyone familiar with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). Think of it as your Google Drive for passwords. Share passwords and folders with your team, just like you do in Google Drive.

Import users

Import the users of your Google Workspace organization in a matter of several clicks. Every member just needs to login with their Google Workspace account.
DrivePassword manager control your data Google Workspace

Complete control over your data

Every last bit of your data is first encrypted and then stored in each user's Google Drive account. No data ever touches our servers, you remain in complete control over it.


Prisma Ltd.

Svetlana Todorova

Drive Password offers us everything we need to secure our sensitive information and not compromise our productivity. It is the perfect fit for your team if you are looking for:
  • • Central repository for shared passwords
  • • Knowing which passwords are shared with whom
  • • Accessing the tool directly with the existing Google Workspace accounts

PrintMania Ltd.

George Danov

Transitioning from 1Password was really smooth and simple. Drive Password allows us to collaborate much more secure and efficient. The onboarding is straight forward as the password manager looks and feels like a Google App.
Secure your sensitive data without compromising your teams' productivity

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