Protect yourself and your information online with our expert online security tips. From strong passwords and two-factor authentication to safe browsing habits and avoiding phishing scams, our tips will help you stay safe and secure online. Stay one step ahead of cyber threats with our comprehensive guide to online security.


What is a hashed password?

Are you guilty of using the same password for all of your online accounts? While it may be convenient to have one easy-to-remember password, it can also put you at serious risk. In this article, we discuss the how hashing password works explain why it's important to have unique passwords for each of your accounts.

How secure is Google Drive?

Google Drive encrypts user data when uploading and downloading files using 256-bit encryption, and files stored on the site are protected by 128-bit encryption. While this ensures that user data is safe from potential threats, it is not recommended to store passwords within Google Drive as it is still vulnerable to security breaches. It is recommended to use password managers to securely store sensitive information.

Why do you need a password manager in your nonprofit organization

Nonprofit organizations are often targeted by thieves who want to steal their funds or access their sensitive information. One way that thieves can gain access to a nonprofit's accounts is by stealing their passwords. It is important for nonprofits to implement strong, unique passwords and to use a password manager to protect their accounts. Drive Password is a password manager that is specifically designed for use by businesses and organizations.