How to setup Drive Password for your organisation

The following guide is suitable for the people who are managing your company’s Google Workspace account. If you are not a Google Workspace Administrator, please see the dedicated page for Google Workspace Users.

Step 1 – Install Drive Password from the Google Workspace Marketplace  

Step 2 – Visit and login using your Google Workspace admin account. 

Step 3 – Visit Overview

Step 4 – Click on View Details to pick the right plan for your organisation.

Step 5 – Invite your colleagues to join Drive Password. 

There are 2 ways you can do that.

  1. Add each member individually by typing their email address
  2. Upload a CSV file with 1 column, containing the email addresses of each person on a separate row. For more details on how to generate that CSV from the Google Admin console, please check this.

Important – once you invite them, every person needs to login into Drive Password and accept the invitation.