Drive Password essentials for Google Workspace users

The following guide is suitable for the users, who are part of a Google Workspace organisation and are being invited to Drive Password. If you are a Google Workspace Administrator, please see the dedicated page for Google Workspace Admins.

You received an email invitation to join your colleagues and use Drive Password

If you received an email invitation to join your team and use Drive Password, there are couple of steps you need to take.

  1. Accept the invitation by clicking "Login in Drive Password"

2. Make sure that you are signing with the correct Google Account.

3. Once you logged in successfully, open the Notifications and confirm the invitation

    You want to start using Drive Password in your organization


    If you want to start using Drive Password individually - simply sign in using your Google Workspace account. In case your company decides to adopt Drive Password for the whole organization, your account will be linked and billing transferred to your main company account.


    If you want to set up Drive Password, please forward this guide to your Google Workspace admin