Short explanation

Detailed explanation

Access level

This is the level on which you identify yourself to the system
  • 1. Sign in with your Google Account. ONLY YOU HAVE ACCESS TO IT
  • 2. Drive Password Authention Module
    • Pattern lock
    • Password
    • Factor Authentication
  • 3. Verifyting encryption data from your Google Drive and Our Servers.

Data level

On this level the data is being processed - data/passwords/accounts.
  • All your data is first encrypted and then stored in your Google Drive. ONLY YOU HAVE ACCESS TO THEM
  • The data is encrypted and decrypted every time a file is being opened and changes saved.
  • The encryption keys are stored separately and never in one place - nor on our side, nor on your side.
  • The encryption keys are combined at the moment of opening the file and this process takes place ONLY on your device - laptop, tablet or smartphone

Storage level

All your data/accounts/passwords are stored solely in your Google Drive.ONLY YOU HAVE ACCESS TO THEM.
On our secure servers we store only the instructions on how the data to be presented visually to you.

Your Google Drive

  • encrypted data into files
  • encrypted part from keys into files
  • encrypted login data info files

Drive Password Servers

  • encrypted part from keys
  • categories
  • shared users
  • teams

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